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Why are women so attention-seeking?

My wife is a beautiful woman inside and out.
Though, she requires so much attention.
She loves to go clothes shopping and changing up her look.
I appreciate the effort she puts into herself but requiring me to compliment her new look, outfit, and makeup every day is exhausting.
She wasn’t like this before we got married.
After our first daughter was born, she seemed to change 100% and is needier than the kids.
What should I do?

6 Answers

LoveCoach Answered:

Pete, I only recently found this website, and so I am reaching out. I know you asked this question last year, but I would love to know where you are now, and what is the state of your union? I am so exceedingly sorry for the advice I am reading in answer to your question. This is just a smathering of why the institution of marriage is in the state it is...things aren't 100% easy, and they want to run for the hills. How about being REAL and being people of our word...we say for better or worse, and just because we don't immediately feel gratified we are ready to bail. I would be willing to bet, that with just a little effort and a whole lot of love and understanding, you could have the most amazing relationship ever! You obviously love your wife and you want her to be happy, and I would love to assist you with that! No matter where you are in the relationship, I would love to chat with you!

Walter-White Answered:

It may be that you are being paranoid of such a trifling matter. Appreciate your wife whenever you can, no one is forcing you. Expectations ruin everybody. Your wife seems to be expecting too much from you. You need to sit down with her and give a philosophical lesson. Every individual demands a bit of attention every time. It is so that no one wants to feel alone. So, simply appreciate her if you want to. But that doesn't mean you would not say a word when you are feeling irritated of her habits. Be logical and talk things out with your wife. But remember, every individual demands some attention. Even you do.

Ryan_dcruz Answered:

There is absolutely no reason to be so self-absorbed! My husband adores when I put a little more effort into myself but having children and a career doesn’t allow me the extra time and energy every day. Maybe your wife feels like she is not getting something from you. Or maybe, she has some personal issues she needs to work through on her own. At the end of the day, you’re putting too much energy into something not worth your time. In other words, STOP giving her all the extra attention. She needs to grow up.

Rebeccas_dmp Answered:

When was the last time you gave her a compliment? I could never be with a woman that required so much attention. I abandoned my marriage and fought for full-custody of my children because of her selfish, attention-seeking/needy ways.

Asdassss Answered:

It sounds like your wife is kind of snobby. I hate to say it, but what she’s doing is too much. I commend a man who can tolerate a woman of her caliber. I am grateful to have a humble woman with high self-esteem and confidence. Wish I could offer you some assistance!

Sylvia_1994 Answered:

Go on a vacation together. Chill out with your wife ( no kids - leave them with a relative). Do some fun activities together...and come back and have a heart to heart talk with her.. she will understand..

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