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Celebrity Crushes

The title is probably self explanatory enough but to put it simply my wife has celebrity crushes and reads lots of romance novels and erotica.
I know the standard response that I shouldn’t be insecure and get over it but I can’t.
Finding other women attractive and watching porn bothers women but men are supposed to just be ok with the fact that their gf/wife being incredibly turned on by someone else.
The attraction felt towards celebrities is stronger than the attraction towards husbands/SOs.
This is proven by the intense reaction women have towards celebrities.
They then respond by saying things like “ it’s not like I’m ever going to have a chance to actually be with this person in so why get mad?” I get frustrated because that response implies that if they did have a chance to be with that person they would leave their spouse for that person.
This isn’t so much an issue of being upset that your wife is attracted to someone else but an issue of your wife being MORE attracted to someone else, which I feel is a legitimate reason to be upset.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

i find this logic bewildering. almost everyone crushes on famous stars, models and politicians. this does not mean that they would leave their SO if the opportunity presented itself. it is purely a social fantasy to distract them from reality. you should seek professional support for release of this illogical phobia. your wife deserves her fantasies as does anyone. be happy she doesn't fantasize over a obtainable other person in her social circle. everyone dreams like she does openly.

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