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Family and Friend Relationships During Marriage

I attend pharmacy school about 1/5hrs away from my husband and my in laws (we currently have our in laws living with us).
During the week, I stay at an apartment near my campus, and come back every weekend to my husband and my inlaws.
During these weekends, when I don't have exams, I spend nearly all my time with my husband, and sometimes we include our inlaws as well in our activities.
About once every two weeks, we see my parents who are about 20 minutes away (either we all get together or we go visit them for a couple of hours).
We don't have many friends, so we don't spend time with friends much, but about once a month or 2 months I go out with my girlfriends for an evening.
My husband gets upset when I spend time with friends or stay at my parents when I'm free in my busy schedule.
How do I address this? ​

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