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In-laws question

Looking for some advice from married people, your thoughts.
Husband and I have been married for 8 years together for 17.
I was not "close" to his parents throughout the years, but there was no bad blood between us, mostly always niceties exchanged but I generally kept my distance.
When we had a child his unmarried older-than-me sister decided to chime in on our parenting skills despite not having a child of her own nor being married in the past.
I voiced my displeasure to my husband's parents about the opinions their daughter was throwing our way and that backfired.
The 100% sided with her and almost made me feel like I was the one attacking her in some way.
The relationship soured a little after this but none of us wanted an issue over something like this and the sister eventually butted out after my husband decided not to engage.
Fast forward several (5) years we always received separate Christmas cards instead of one addressed to both/all of us.
My child received a separate one from them as well.
The issue this year is that mine was addressed to "Ms" instead of "Mrs".
  Do I bring this up with them? I asked my husband he said he'd understand how that would make me feel but I know he won't do much about it as he doesn't want to disturb the peace, but it hurts me.
Knowing how they've acted with others in the past and their pettiness I don't think this was accidental.
The husband and I have been having some troubles but he insists he doesn't speak to them about it.
Any advice?

1 Answers

Kausik_Ram Answered:

You need not take the issue of their addressing "ms" instead of Mrs, as Ms is for both Miss and Mrs like one word "Mr" for both married and unmarried. As to othehr advices,let them talk to you anything. Forget it immediately. When they find you are not getting provokedd, they will change. You know how you should take are of yoourson and continue to take caare as you are doing.

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