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Talking to my husband is like talking to a wall.
Maybe it’s because I’m an open person.
I believe in a clear understanding of each person’s viewpoints.
I believe a conversation should be equally between two people not one person.
Conversations with my husband are very closed-ended and one-sided.
I’m the type of person who likes to discuss her daily plans and feel as though he should converse equally with me.
Though, for some reason, when we have these conversation he only listens and replies, “ok.
” It is annoying to feel like the conversation I’m having with my husband is like those I have with my children.
Our arguments have increased over the last few years because of the lack of communication.
Sometimes, I wonder if I’m putting too much into this issue.

6 Answers

Busaba Answered:

I completely empathize with you when you say that you “like to discuss your daily plans”. Most women are meticulous and detail oriented where they want to have a thorough conversations with their husbands. But alas, men (sociologically) are not built that way. They are taught from a very young age to become stoic character who speak less and work more. The idea of talks and discussion are thought to be more effeminate qualities. So I don’t blame men who are as quite as a black hole (if that’s the proper reference J . Anyway, the point is that we should be aware of our own differences and then get into the other persons shoes to understand what’s going wrong. Without that ability no relationship is going to last for long.

Gary Answered:

Men are such insensitive creatures. All their desires and thoughts are based on one sole attribute – instinct. A dog has better manners and sense. All I can say for you is, please do not beat yourself over your husband’s lack of decency. Don’t expect much from goo-goo brained fools. Make your point and just leave the conversation even before he manages to blurt out that mono-syllable “ok”. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Sylvia_1994 Answered:

I hate the lack of civilized conversations I am not able to have with my husband, though I can’t spend my time idolizing about irrelevant issues. You never mentioned how long you’ve been married but a little advice to you: don’t spend your time worrying about little the manner in which you all converse. Communicate your point and move on. Apparently he is listening, even though you aren’t getting the response you desire. You come off as the type to start an argument and it isn’t worth it.

Nattsss Answered:

The motto we live by: K- Keep I- It S- Short S- Stupid Hope you don’t take it personal. You have more important things to worry about, then how he perceives the things that comes out our mouth.

Rebeccas_dmp Answered:

Your communication is struck! Well guess what, men are morons. Get to the point and keep is short. I tell my husband what my plans are and leave the rest alone. Why stress yourself over the small things in life.

Will_wills2076 Answered:

Hey, communication is a problem with me and I am not generalizing coz I am one and I know. II am married for 4 years now (no kids) and it's not like I hate my wife but I just can't stand it when just as I reach home from work in the evening the she starts yakking about how her day went, and who's doing what in office, who's birthday it is on Facebook, here brother, mom, dad and all that nonsense. And the Weekends are even worse. all I can muster up is a yes or how can women go on speaking about the most inane things for hours. My advice to you (honest) -- give you'r husband a break, speak a little less and listen a little more... it will go a long way.. in making him speak more than just mono-syllables

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