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Asked by Last Updated:

I am suffering from erectile disfunction since last 3 days during actual sex but i get good erection when i watch porn.

I get good sensation and temporary erection during sex also but the erection lasts immediately before intercourse and this is happening only since last 3 days.
Is this normal? If not then please suggest what to do.

2 Answers

Questioner Answered:

Is it not unusual to have lapses and variation in performance. It will probably pass. Porn is quite a bit different than encounters with an actual person. I would suggest abstaining from porn until this passes, just as a precaution. If this lasts more than a month or two, without porn, then I would be more concerned.

Kausik_Ram Answered:

If you wereree having excess sex activity, this is possibl. Consult a sexoligist for rejuvnation

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