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On the rocks

I'm pretty much told my husband last night that I feel unstable and he got upset and said he feels hurt.
Am I wrong for expressing my feelings after 12 years of marriage? We have 2 kids and I was never really happy with how things were going not so much between us, more external factors.
I'm also 42, and I ve been very moody lately.
I'm pretty sure I'm near or entering menopause.
Is this the end? Is there hope? I'm willing to walk away if it means not being miserable.
His house and his damn kids!

1 Answers

Will75 Answered:

I am sorry to hear how you feel. My wife and I are in an eerily similar position. She told me recently how unhappy she is, partly due to external factors, but also because I have recently not supported her when I should have done, and as a result she has lost her faith in me. I had no idea and was shocked, and deeply, deeply hurt by how she feels. I love her and would do anything for her. Knowing what I now know is killing me as there is nothing I can do in the short term to fix this. I thought I was strong but it turns out I was not. We have agreed to counselling, so hopefully that will help. If your husband feels in any way like i do, he will do anything for you. Please give him a chance to change, to right his wrongs, to hear and understand what you want and to change the way he is. Tell him why you feel miserable and see if you can work at it together. Life is not always what we wanted or hoped for, and sometimes people do grow apart, but please try your very best

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