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He says it's over. Could he just be saying that because he's mad?

My husband is very controlling.
That's how he's always been.
Everytime we argue or fight, he tells me that he is done with me or wants a divorce.
Yesterday was my company's luncheun out of town and the day before he had told me to go in my car not ride with anyone else.
I was willing to ablige until my boss said that I could not drive since I was a liabilty during work hours.
I ended up gong with my boss and supervisor-I was in the backseat by myself.
I knew better than to go with them, but I knew that if I called my husband and tell him what was going on he would just tell me that I was not allowed to go like all those other times.
I really wanted to go so I did.
I had a great time.
As soon as we got back I called my husband and right away he started interrogating me.
He asked me who I went with and I told him I drove my car.
He knew I was lying since he had checked the miles the night before and knew it was low on gas and I didnt have any money to fill up the gas tank.
I was caught.
Once I got home he did not let me explain and all he said was that our marriage is over.
He gives me 2 months to find a place for my son and I to live and that's that.
He even went to talk to my dad and his mom.
He kicked me outof our bedroom and I have been sleeping in my son's bed.
I don't know what to do.
He always tells me I have a certain amount to get out when we fight but never had he went to talk to the parents.
He even Could it be for real this time? He even took away my wedding bands, my phone, my money, and my credit/debit cards.
I'm so sad, confused, heartbroken.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

Have you cheated on him in the past to make him so sensitive to you being with other men? This behavior is very strange for a normal married man How long have you been married? He is treating you like a slave not a wife. You find out what he said to your dad and his mom to gage how serious he is this time. If serious you should engage a lawyer to protect your rights to support by him for you and your child. He has no legal basis for eviction without a court ordered settlement. You need to have clear open communication with your family and him on circumstances for your disobedience to his direction to travel alone. You should have discussed with him prior to being alone with another man. He obviously is narcissistic and jealous about you. Doesn't appear he would want to dump you in view of his jealous behavior unless you have chosen to cheat on him before.

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