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My husband keeps confusing me for his ex.. today he said said her initial instead of mine. Should I be worried?

My husband keeps confusing me for his ex.
He will mix up our names middle names and birthdays even after I have corrected him multiple times.
Well, today he mentions getting a custom license plate and said if we did he would get Jm&Km on it His ex name starts with K, mine starts with E.
I just looked at him and asked KM? he says oh I mean E.
Obviously it hurt me cause he does this kind of stuff all the time, he knew I was upset and retaliated by saying something about us both needing counseling and that he didn't mean to it was cause he has dyslexia.
He thinks he does but it's not diagnosed nor do I think dyslexia has anything to do with it.
Should I be looking more into this?

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