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I don't want to hurt her But

I have been married 21 years.
My wife is great in all ways.
There has been no cheating and money is good.
The two kids are out of the house and doing well.
However, I have been unhappy for years and now I no longer want to be married to anyone anymore.
A divorce would be really really hard for her and I don't want to hurt her.
I have gone to marriage counseling for years by myself.
Its not helping me anymore.
What should I do? I am 57 years old and it's going to be harder all the way around no matter what I do the longer I wait.
I could make the best of it but I think about leaving everyday.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

Why have you you been unhappy for years? What is root cause for wanting to be alone so late in life? What did your therapist advise for you? You really did not expel much information to gain advice from amateur therapists like me to provide opinions. You seem really sensitive about her feelings not mentioning your reasons for abandonment at this time in your life. Please provide more details is drive sexual, her personality, her appearance or anther aspect causing disinterest in her anymore ?

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