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My wife does not support my family.

My wife does not support my family.
She want to lives alone with me.
I can not leave my parents.
How she will understand

1 Answers

Kj_g123456 Answered:

You need to really think about this situation from both angles. Speak to your wife and find out why she does not want to live with your parents? Does she have a problem getting along with them? Clearly, the way you have stated things implies that your parents need you at this point in time. And certainly you should be there for them. Having said that you also need to bear in mind that you will have to move out at some point in time and start your own life with your wife and kids perhaps. Maybe this is what you wife wants (and there is nothing wrong with that desire). You could find a mid-way and stay separately with your wife and make time (in a month or so) for your parents as well. This is how married couples make it work. Surely, you will be able to solve this issue. Think through this well and be practical....

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