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Would you get a divorce if you didn’t like where you lived?

I love my husband DEARLY.
So much.
My best friend.
My husband is a self employed contractor, it gives us the freedom to move where we please.
I’m going to keep as much of my information as private as possible.
Long story short, my husbands family lives in one place, my family lives in another place 800 miles away.
Before we got married, my husband said we could move to the place my family lived for the summer months.
We got married and the next summer rolls around, never left.
I let it go and the next summer rolls around, never left.
I’m scared that next summer is going to be the same.
I don’t like where I live.
I hate it, I’m miserable here and I feel like I’m married to a man child.
His parents have full control over him and he’s 30.
I love him but I want to go home.
I miss my hometown and I feel lied to, like there was empty promises.
  I don’t want to leave him, but this place isn’t doing us any good or helping us grow at all.
Am I being selfish?

1 Answers

Chopcop Answered:

HI, long story short. Tell him what you just said in this form. Give him the ultimatum that you get what you need too or you will do it without him. I am a guy and sometimes you just have to be blunt. Also, be ready in case he says go without him. Thats the problem with an ultimatum.

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