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Women's opinion is appreciated

Hi  I'm (let's say) Sam, I have a question, I think a woman can only answer, you can skip the background part) (My background: well, I've been single for the past 5 years, my last relationship which lasted 2.
5 years ended with my girlfriend cheating on me, so I think either I developed a cautious character in dating area or I'm just afraid of relationships deep down ) I don't like to go after someone's girlfriend, and get away from girls who I see is involved with someone.
Sometimes I see a girl interested in me but when I approach her (not in the first encounter), she says that she has a boyfriend!!! My question is: Do girls say that just to cause me to fight for them? ( i mean is it just to make the guy more eager, or they just want to be left alone as they are truly taken), If it's to spice things up why they attract me in the first place, with staring and giggling and you know.
I'm really confused, please help

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

girls typically use "I already have a boyfriend" line to avoid a guy they don't want to be pestered by. it is typically an effective turn off to guys. it is not a hard to get defensive by most girls as terminal. girls usually act shy or distant when playing hard to get. jealousy is done by eyeballing other men while you are talking to them. this is how I react in each way.

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