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My husband cheated and he's insecure

My husband has always been a little jealous.
He feels like I am attractive to all men and some women as well.
I am not bisexual but he feels like I would leave him for a woman.
He has never caught me in any act of cheating rather it be physical or emotional.
Last year my husband had an affair with an girl from high school.
When I found out I moved out and was gone for a 5 months.
Now that I am back home it seems like I'm the one who stepped out on him because of how he treats me.
I need some help.
I'm on my way to the court house if things don't get better.
I refuse to be cheated on and treated like the suspect.

1 Answers

Mrtn_slmn Answered:

man point of view here you shouldnt settle for less than satisfying. its one thing for hm to cheat (i do, and im married), another thing to have an affair (i dont, if i fool around its completely discreet, anonymous, and it has never ever gotten close to home, i did it on my own time with my own spare money, and i worked much harder on hiding the evidence than on getting laid). be firm and dont accept to be treated badly, otherwise he wont change. feeling suspecious about you is definitely related directly to him being insecure, and its up to you to draw boundaries and let him know that his own demons cannot/shoudnt interfere with your marriage. again, all i see is that you need to be firm if you want a change in the relationship. but you have to weight things, im not advising you to leave him, im advising you to look out for yourself, if you think staying in and basically sucking it is whats best for you, you should do that hope you find peace

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