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What should I do?

My husband of 28 years is having an emotional affair with a younger woman from work.
She calls him at home for everything from computer problems to advice on buying a house.
When I said I didn’t like it, he gave her his work cell number and now she calls and texts that number.
He accuses me of blowing it out of proportion and accuses me of being insecure.
This is the 3rd or 4th emotional affair since we’ve been married.
He checks personals on Craigslist, although he doesn’t know I’m aware of that.
What should I do? He want take my feeling into consideration and I’m tired of it.

5 Answers

BruceKent Answered:

Firstly, Cool down a bit, a frustrated and emotionally drained person losses the ability to solve problems. I would advise you ask your husband for some alone time, like visiting your parents or going on a vacation, take your children along with you. The point of doing this is making your husband realize his mistakes. When he is alone, doing all the household chores on his own, he will start thinking about your role in the house, and there is an excellent chance that he will know your worth by the time you return. 
When someone becomes habitual of a routine, they fail to see their wrongdoings so breaking his habit, getting him out of his comfort zone appears the only feasible option for you. I hope this helps ease out your situation, Good Luck!

Jusneed Answered:

Dump him. A Cheater will always cheat over and over again. He has no RESPECT for you when he does that. Speak up and ASK him to see cell if he isn't doing anything he would let you. That is a sign right there. Your husband is committed to breaking his vows he took when he married you. before you know it he will hide and have an AFFAIR. You should not have to live like this and being insecure he made you feel like that TELL him that. 

Xena69 Answered:

Hope you left him by now. We can not let men do this to us wives girlfriends. Its wrong . 

Teach97 Answered:

He is showing zero respect for you or your feelings. He isn’t going to change. If he won’t change when you tell him you can’t live with it, don’t live with it anymore.


Replied on Feb 04, 2019

I’m not! I’ve had enough!

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi See, when you expect something from your husband, always keep his perspective in mind. Understand where he is coming from, what his concerns could be. At the same time, if you feel something is not right, you should and must speak up for it. But for the sake of your marriage, don't take these things to your heart. You must learn to have a big heart and focus on your marriage. If you keep pent up frustration inside you, it will reflect upon your relationship. Also, you perhaps need to sort out your issues with the inlaws. Surely, they would not want their son's marriage to fall apart or suffer because of them.

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