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We’re on different planets!


My wife is completely in favor of living for today and planning for the future.
She doesn’t like taking risk and claims she is happy being financially comfortable.
I’m the complete opposite.
I am striving to be wealthy, beyond all.
We argue about money all the time.
She claims I spend too much time focusing on being rich, than my family.
If she takes care of the kids and house, I don’t really understand why she’s concerned with my concentration on being rich.
I’m working so hard to be rich to provide a better lifestyle for my family.
Should I cut my losses in this relationship?

4 Answers


The only advice I can offer you, money isn’t everything. I lost my first wife to my selfish ideas of being rich. My overdriven characteristics of risking everything for another risk left us broke, divorced, and almost homeless.


My husband and I worked for years together as a couple and not as individuals. We married each other. We built our lives and family together. This was not limited to building our financial reserve and lifesaving. It doesn’t sound like you are trying to build as a couple, but as an individual. I wish you the best in trying to accomplish whatever you trying to accomplish; although, no good comes from a selfish man.


You are probable right, so since you are on different planets; get out! To hold on to a woman for your own self pleasures will bring you no joy. Just be cautious. No matter how much money you have and are worth, money can’t buy love or happiness. We’re a fairly wealthy couple and our issues are far more complicated than one could ever imagine.


If money makes you happy.. then we'll that's fine... just sit down with your wife and explain her that what you're doing is for her and your family...and ya..earning money is fine but you gotta spend it too.. buy good things for her.. take her to an expensive restaurant and splurge.. i guess if you do that quite often.. she might just see the good side of you focusing on earning money : 0

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