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haven't had sex in 5 years with my husband

My husband and I haven't been intimate in years.
we had a child almost 6 years ago but before that, we had a few years of infertility issues.
Earlier this year we had about a month of very heated (in a good way) encounters, we started talking and exchanging porn and fun stuff like that but then it turned back to what it was.
I had become very stressed at work and we reverted back to arguing, no communication, no sex, etc.
Recently my husband sends me a porn video, rough sex porn video, and says he thought I might enjoy it.
I get that he is trying to open up the possibility again but geez, am I wrong for thinking, why not plan a date for the two of us or at least an hour of chatting or whatever, in an effort to eventually move in that direction? I don't want to even reply for fear taht we'll just start arguing again and the whole thing goes sour again.
I feel like we need to work on communicating nicely with one another first.

1 Answers

Kausik_Ram Answered:

If you have been together always, try staying seperately for few days by taking vacations atdifferent times. Both of yu go to a psychologist and sexologist and counsult

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