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Am I being unreasonable or controlling?

I work 40-45 hours a week on average, from home, and make a good salary, and pay all but food and some social activities.
We have a nice house and live comfortably.
My husband has been on disability for quite a while.
However, he is able to do just about anything in the yard or fix things in the house, without limitations.
He resents me getting upset when he is not productive during the work week, and says I am controlling, and want him to account for his time.
I guess I expect him to want to maintain the house and yard and whatever else can be done as his contribution to the partnership and to keep active.
 It makes me so anxious when I am working hard and he is lounging around.
Maybe I am just jealous, that he gets to do what he wants when he wants and I can't because I work.
It has become a big problem in our marriage.
I really do want advice as to how others would feel, if I'm wrong I want to know how to look at it differently,I love my husband.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

Guys don't like being treated like children Your insistance on him accounting for his daily activities is an over the top demand. Try suggesting daily activities for him while you are still snuggling in bed in the morning. Reward him before sleep if he did a good job or ignore him if unsatisfied What kinda job does he do that he can't do given all the activities you say he can do at home? Can't he find a job within his current capabilities? Hanging around home and letting his wife support him can become addictive. Get him back to work before your marriage is destroyed.

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