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I accidentally saw him spending quality time with his ex wife.

Hi, just a day ago I went to a mall and it was shocking to see my husband sitting with his ex-wife at a restaurant.I asked my husband about it later when he came back home but refused to discuss anything on this matter. Please suggest me how should I convince my husband to share the purpose of their meeting. Is he cheating on me? Am I not good enough for him. I’m having second thoughts about our relationship. Please tell me what should I do.

Answers (24)

jessicaskype said on
ask him if too know if his reply will guity or not

raffaello said on Jul 7

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Chana Rogelio said on

Since you don’t know whether they met accidentally or purposely, making an assumption about this would be a waste of time.

It's better if you can communicate with him regarding the whole fiasco and try to understand his side of the story. Even if they would have met purposely, try to peacefully ask your husband about the reason for it.

Support him if you find the reason to be valid and if not, make him realize how it could affect your relationship. I suggest, if you can convince him to reveal the reason (if there's a valid reason), then it would be good for you to go in depth of the issue and come up with a mutually agreeable solution.

It’s important to discuss it with him to be aware of the problems he’s facing or if there any other hidden reason attached to it.

Developing a healthy communication and emotional intimacy can help you stay close to your husband both mentally and physically. This will help you gain his trust and chances are he would be comfortable in sharing the reason for meeting his ex-wife.

You can also keep a check on your husband if something sounds fishy.

Moreover, you can also connect with a marriage counselor if this incident is causing too much friction in your relationship. A counselor would be a great choice to openly discuss this issue and find a suitable solution for it.
bunnyhabit said on
Just be honest that you are confused why he is not willing to share why he is associating with his former girlfriend when he is married to you. Ask him how he would react if he saw you with an ex?  Ask him if he believes you and him are in an open marriage relationship? Are you in contact with any of your ex's? Perhaps you should like something on an ex's social site and comment something flirty to reestablish communication. What is good for your husband should be good for you i also. A few comments about one of your ex's may wake him up to why it dangerous for either of you to reestablish contact with ex loves.

The fact he is unwilling to discuss his activities with his ex should be a red flag to you that it is more serious than a chance encounter. Do not allow this activity to continue without responding to it. First thing you should do is reject sexual advances until he explains his closeness to his ex to avoid possible std infections or make sure he uses a rubber cap to protect you.
Rach31 said on
I think the bigger question is why he refused to talk to you about it. It is your business because that is your husband.
Jhain said on
Don't jump into conclusuions yet. Ask him in a more lovely manner. Try and soften his heart to tell you and make sure he assures you nothing has gone wrong
Aakifa said on
Before reach to any conclusion. Just talk to him and clear your doubts.
LibertyDating said on
If you'd like to understand him better, and his reasons for calibrating his day this way, then ask how things seem from his side. And ask him if he'd like to hear how things seem from your side. That's a lot of potential material to work with. 

Remember, there is a distinction between how things seem, and how things are. 
marsh4ll.john said on
Hi! It is so easy to make quick conclusions, but they mostly never bring you to a happy state of things. You can continue your relationships and keep this thing in mind, or you can just talk to him and get to know what is happening in real. Remember that relationship is a demanding work and it always take two to do this: not one to love and one to allow to love but both to work on it. You have to figure out together what's going wrong with your relationships and make a few steps to keep them healthy. I think that it will be useful for you to read some interesting articles on the topic of relationships on this blog: They write really smart things. Wish you the best!
lisaanderson6307 said on
Well, don't ask any thing to him and just try to attract him,try to spend more time with him on bed, in garden at any new place. Its some time happen because men are always live in his past so it happen don't worry. everything will we fine if you follow my steps!
skriti659 said on
Based on one incident you can't decide that he's cheating on you. Maybe he accidentally found her ex-wife somewhere and they both went to a restaurant just to talk. Make your husband comfortable and talk to him politely so that he feels free to share everything. Maybe his ex wanted to share something personal regarding her life to your husband that's why he's not feeling comfortable sharing it with you. You should take counseling online here Don't let your insecurities ruin your relationship.
rolanjenny said on
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Graves420 said on
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LivinLikeARockstar said on
You should move on,that's the main choice.
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So jsut keep trying.
CarsonJ said on
That's not normal thing for sure.
If he hasn't told you yet.Then you should quit from him for sure.
stefanjames said on
Yes, he absolutely cheat on you.Theres no question about that UNLESS they have a children.Maybe thats their purpose or topic .But why is that always happening to some of our fellow women...Maybe they didnt do some sort of right thing to be make their man madly inlove to them. Thats the root when the day begins to happen that theres something wrong in your relationship.

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BlumKram said on
First of all before reach to any conclusion. Just talk to him and clear your doubts. The situation might become a total misunderstanding. If you have a chance to check his phone (ikr it's not a good piece of advice, but as an option, it'd work) might consider as a thing to do.
Annabel said on
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QAZWSX said on
Jessica007 said on should ask him directly about it..
Just guessing what's going on is not the best idea
Lorenzo said on
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dobare said on
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Digitality said on
Wow,it's weird,you need imediately to dscuss with him about this
Cschafer0408 said on
Ask him if she wants to join you sometime.
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