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When was the moment you no longer wanted to stay married to your partner and why?

When was the moment you no longer wanted to stay married to your partner and why?

6 Answers

Marry nestor Answered:

Actually this is some sad moments when both couples are thinking to seperate from each other and this is very crucial decision, give a hold please think on situation where matters goes more worsen and try to think positively and be calm and discuss out with each other and try to come on some decision, so this could save your happy marriage life, divorice is not all solution, there would be lot of many bad situation where you have to think positively and try to come out from it.

Many couples do not think on long term basis as they take marriage life very easy and for them making end is so easy, but before indulging in new life think always on long term basis, there would be happy moments and sad moments too, so how to come out from this situation and also may there would be great fight or having bad words between couples but making end to life with word "Divorce" is not always correct, try to come out from this rude situation by discussion, this is the great way.

RenaissanceLife Answered:

When I realized that mutual respect and compassion for the other was no longer there. I knew their would be trouble between us once I noticed that symptom. Interestingly, this type of behavior rarely ever happened during courtship, but it seemed as though once vested another person slowly appeared. At the end of the day, I was hoping to find a real friend....

holyanderson Answered:

Divorce is not the only solution when you think you can not want to live any more together. As you know that married life is full of up and down. As the responsibility grow up and the couple is distanced. They start feeling bored with each other. and decide to take relieve from each other.

Xinpin Answered:

My husband has his set of insecurities (i mean who doesn't right?). I have told him that dumping his insecurities onto me during our fights is not constructive. I am tired of trying to make him understand that when we talk, of course I'll be speaking from my point of view. He gets angry when I voice my concerns and let him know my feelings. He makes it so personal as if I am doing it just to hurt him and turns it around to hurt me. I feel even more hurt about this that he thinks of me this way. I have tried so hard to make him understand that my voicing of concerns has no intention of blaming/hurting him. He continues to believe I am some monster and I don't want to go on with someone who sees me that way. I have changed so much in the way I communicate (especially during arguments), to be more understanding, patient and loving. I don't believe he appreciates my effort to be a better partner and it's making me question whether I should continue working at it. I guess when I started having thoughts like that was when I feared I may not want to be part of this marriage anymore.


Replied on Apr 21, 2019

In my own case, he has managed to make me so insecure.
He is trying to convince me that I need to be okay with him hugging another girl at 2am in a night club when I'm not there

bunnyhabit Answered:

When i decided my husband cared more work, his buddies, having a live in maid and arm candy trophy wife than truly loving me. It came to a head at a party when he told me his BFF asked him to hook me up with him. I said are you prostituting me and he said no just sharing you because I need to go back to work. Danny will make sure you have a good time., tonight. I objected and he said STFU and behave. I am now living with his BFF and feeling truly loved.


Replied on Dec 13, 2018

I am sorry.
You Married your husband.
What happened to your vows when you married.
Sorry dont know if you are married.
Tha man you left let you leave and go to his bf.
Hopfully you are happy.
You sound very young.
That story is not a true relationship.


Replied on Dec 13, 2018

I am thirty four.
How could I have a husband if not married? He did not let me go I divorced him before going out with his best friend.
his bf always showed an interest in me but I shrugged him off since married at the time even the time my husband set me up for him to have.

Clifton-Pratt Answered:

Getting divorced with your partner is a big life changing decision.
For some, it’s a decision resulting from diminishing personal happiness and unsatisfied relationship for a period of time. Whereas, for others, the decision happens in 'that one moment' that changes everything.

Well in most cases an unhappy marriage and unmet expectations are the root cause. But here are some more reasons leading to the end of a marriage.

Ongoing frustration: If frustration gets out of control, it could result in an outburst with severe outcomes. And in many cases, divorce comes out to be the only option to recover from it.

It’s very important to communicate the things that disturbs you at the very stage of frustration. Moreover, you can put yourself in a hobby to distract your attention from an ongoing irritation.

Domestic violence: For some it’s just that one moment when you realise that you are a victim of domestic violence and immediately respond to it. Whereas, many keep suffering in the hope that things will get better.
However, in a situation like such, it becomes crucial to seek a legal advice to cope up with a violent spouse or to dissolve a marriage. These are some of the common causes leading to the decision of dissolution of a marriage.

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