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What are the possible reasons for regretting after getting divorced?

I have heard many people saying that they regret their decision of getting divorced.
I wonder why do they think so.
Taking divorce is a mutual decision but why do many people regret it later? Why don’t they be more mindful about their married life and related problems? Could somebody tell me the reasons why people regret their decision of getting divorced later in their lives?

3 Answers

Hey friends, Nobody goes for a divorce with a clear eyes, simply put, he or she is under pressure due to frustration, disappointment, unfaithfulness, abusiveness, name them, that he or she was facing in the Marriage Relationship. When she thinks she can't cope with it anymore, she went for divorce for the sake of her or any other personal reason. Now some regret when they remember the love shared together with her spouse, the values they have added to the lives of each other, the children involved and how will the children now cope with the challenges of been brought up by a single parent, she start regretting why she accepted divorce. Nobody goes for a divorce and wished to regret it later. 

Bellarose Answered:

I disagree! Divorce is NOT always a mutual agreement. I kicked and screamed the whole way. I begged, pleaded, cried and tried everything I could think of to convince my spouse not to get a divorce. All the waiting ultimately did was hurt us both in the end, but it definitely was not mutual. I hated every moment of it and I will never be a whole person without my spouse. I feel as though I can’t breathe without him. He tells me he wants to get back together now that it’s all over and I’m so confused.

Carrie-Voight Answered:


People often opt for a divorce when they get too frustrated and give up on their marriage without really giving it a fair chance. When they feel lonely do they realize that their decision was made in a haste. But by that time they are left with nothing but remorse.

Not being a dedicated spouse- This is a common regret that many divorced people have. You realize someone’s importance when they are gone. People who have got divorced often regret not being a loyal, faithful or dedicated spouse to their partner throughout their marital journey. They feel guilty for not being fully committed and sad for letting go of an opportunity to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

But, all hope is not lost. If they truly regret their decision and sincerely feel they can make their former marriage work, they can take a chance to approach their ex- spouse again. Sometimes life can give you second chances. If they make an effort to re-built that lost affection between each other, there is a possibility for a healthy patch up.

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