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How should I move on after a bitter divorce?

Our marriage survived for just 2 years.
Life was smooth initially but later conflicts and physical abuse came into the picture.
I didn’t know that the person I trust a lot could be this bizarre.
I recently had my divorce.
I’m feeling better now but couldn’t overcome with the horrible experiences I faced.
What should I do to deal with the end of my marriage? Suggest me something, please.

4 Answers

Alice Answered:

Life after separation will be harrowing, and one has to go through many changes. It's tough to face the changes happening at home and in the social circle. Here are some of the tips that could be useful for you to build up your social life again.

1. Take your time :
Looking forward to the reclaiming of your social life does not happen in overnight. Take time to heal after divorce. This will help you to start a new social life. If you don't give time yourself for healing, then it will have a severe impact on your social life. Let your emotions come out by talking to your close friends or take the help of a professional therapist. Make yourself to work through the feelings healthily. Once you have got confidence that you are prepared, then you can restart your social life.

2. Accept and Believe the changes :
After your separation would be many changes happening around you. Friends change, and you might keep only some real friends. Accept the fact that only some friends will be with you forever. Do not worry about friends who have left you. Try to make new friends and new relationships.

3. Keep your focus on your children and yourself :
After separation, the only thing you have is your children. Your children should be your first and foremost preference. When you take any decision regarding your social life, it affects you and your children also. Think about the children and their needs. Be careful while making decisions regarding dating and entering into a new relationship again. Consult a Professional Family Lawyer to make your divorce process easy and simple.


TryKarteHai Answered:

A divorce may cause a person to be left emotionally devastated and unable to recover from depression, as his future dreams, joy, and trust have been compromised. After losing someone you have loved so much, there are high chances that the person may no longer feel confident about finding a partner ever again. Some people have the tendency to make past mistakes yet again and such individuals should seek help from friends or even professionals who will help them in avoiding ill-conceived second marriages.


CarsonJ Answered:

Just move forward! You have to do everything that best for you.But if you will live in your past you wouldn't be happy in a very long time!

Carol-Royce Answered:

The fate of your relationship should not be what defines you throughout your life.

A bitter ending does not mean you do not have a shot at happiness again. Life has a way of working itself out. Be positive, look forward to a brighter future and follow these tips to restructuring your life and reviving your happiness.

1. Seek therapy to help you make a fresh start

Don’t carry the old baggage with you anymore. If old memories badgering you in the present, don’t wait, seek an advice from a counselor or a therapist and travel light!

A therapist will help you revise your perspective on life and move on. You will be better equipped to start afresh on a clean slate and build new memories that you will cherish life-long.

1. Take a break, travel

Post-divorce is the best time to take a break from your mundane life. And, there is no better way than to travel. It’s a good way to distract yourself from the negativities. Travel to your favourite destination and enjoy a liberated you, relishing an experiential learning in form of different cuisines, places, culture and different people.
2. Pursue new hobbies and build a new skill set:

Engage yourself in new activities. Start building new skills and exploring your hidden, latent talent to build a more secure future. Enrol in cost-effective, value-driven online courses, catch up on reading, maintain a journal - all of this will have deep, therapeutic effect on you and aid in the recovery from the trauma of a bitter divorce.

Also, pursue a hobby or an active sport to experience a healthy rush of happy hormones, stronger and happier you.

3. Surround yourself with your loved ones

Spend more time in the company of loved ones. Seek happiness and positive change that can help you overcome any grief, fear or mental trauma. Engage in healthy, meaningful conversations, hang out for quick lunches, laid back dinners, house parties and an occasional drink.

Reach out to your good friends, communicate with them and do what makes you the happiest.
This will create more positivity around you and help you in getting more optimistic about life.

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