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Are love marriages more prone to divorce?

I have a doubt, I wish somebody can help me out finding the right answer for this.
I am 25 years old and wondering if I should go for love marriage or, for an arranged marriage.
As heard, love marriages often end up with divorce comparing to arrange marriages.
And, I really want to know why.
Now I’m confused that what should I keep as a priority in my life- a love marriage or an arranged marriage?  

2 Answers

Nihal-Mittal Answered:

No, if you understand each other and live for each other.

Carol-Royce Answered:


Love and arranged marriages are two sides of the same coin.

Both come with their share of responsibilities, the only thing that varies is the equation between a couple. As an advantage in a love-marriage, you get more time to understand your better half by knowing all their flaws, quirks, habits and behavioural traits.

This helps in developing a better camaraderie between a couple and a greater level of comfortability between each other.

However, an arranged-marriage comes with a constraint of a limited timeline where you only get to utilize the courtship period to know your partner and build a sense of comfort.

However, some couples look at it as an opportunity to build a level of excitement, understanding and intimacy gradually. Slow and steady is the buzzword for the couples looking at the arrangement of marriages that are “arranged”.

As for the popular belief of love marriages meeting the sad outcome of divorce, the wrong set of expectations sometimes attribute to an unhappy marriage. Media has served us a very glorified, candy-floss version of “love marriages”.

Feeding off those romantic notions, often couples in a love marriage end up disillusioned when their partners don’t match up to the perfect image of a “Ryan Gosling” or an “Anne Hathaway” in romcoms.

Sex plays a key element in deepening love in a relationship. Sex brings a higher level of physical and mental intimacy in a relationship.

But, unfortunately, in-love marriage, sex life can hit boredom early in a couple's life. This is because you get to spend a lot of time with your present spouse before your marriage. And due to the intimacy, you have already experienced, the excitement for sex gradually falls. And when this happens, a relationship becomes boring and sometimes leads to sexual dissatisfaction in couples.

Any relationship which is an outcome of immaturity leads to conflict as the partners evolve in their choices, behaviour, and attitude. And when their personalities evolve, it becomes difficult for both to co-exist. Love marriages are sometimes an impulsive decision when two people choose to get married purely out of the hormonal rush or romantic notions about marriage.

An arranged marriage or a love marriage, it is best to make the decision taking your shared values, temperaments, compatibility into consideration.

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