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What is the most effective way to rejuvenate your love after marriage?


What is the most effective way to rejuvenate your love after marriage?

6 Answers


Marriage life is a little bit hard than from the bachelor. But is necessary to make love and passion in your relationship, otherwise, you feel like you are missing something in life. Here I share some points which can help you reheat your relationship.

* Good communication
* Share your Problems with each other
* Discussion
* Leave all technology while you are on the bed
* Listen
* Give some space when he/she want



very beautiful, happiness to you


To rejuvenate love after marriage is by doing what the real man looking for ,for a partner. But why is that always happening to some of our fellow women? I think they didnt do some sort of right thing to make their man madly inlove to them. And when that scenario happens,thats where the CHEATING,COLD TRAFFIC or a lot of ARGUMENTS starts to happen because LOVE also starts to fade away. Majority of the women think that everything in a relationship is FINE until one day that they will be surprise that their man will not love them anymore. MOST men keep the secret on what they REALLY want for a partner.In the end it will become a cold traffic in a relationship when the girl didnt pass what a man really looking for .Worst is ,its end up in hurtful breakup or divorce. Theres a less tendency that he comeback UNLESS you CHANGE YOURSELF ,on whats wrong on it. But like what I said some women didnt know what is wrong.They didnt know how to solve problem on a relationship because they didnt even know what it is...ON WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM... If you experiencing CHEATING,COLD TRAFFIC from your man,not treated you the same way,NOT CLINGY anymore then I strongly recommend to you to get to know more the review about **His Secret Obsession** here : .This is because, the training & techniques you will get on that thing from a relationship expert is priceless. Because LOVE is priceless when you love back by the one you really love. Its the BEST part on our life,all the goodies of our living is in there . Having a partner in the up and down rollercoaster life that is always on your side ,willing to help you to solve PROBLEMS (Like in math problems,its more fun if we have a cheatmate to solve the problem) , a partner in SEX and especially building and giving you the best FAMILY that majority of us dream of...For me, to live our life with a partner that is FAITHFUL is the key to complete and fulfill the saying “Living Our Life to the FULLEST.


Money one of the mosy impotant things in our life. And to be rich and free you have to work really hard and have some side income. I am freelancer and build a big base of customers but really can say that i always want more. I tried betting,i know that's not really well but it helps cause i have a big knowledge in some kind of sports. Ater that i found that place and can say that know i am totally free. that really helped and that my advice for you.


Everything was smooth between me and my spouse until I discovered her cheating games. A friend referred me to where I was able to gain access to some parts of her phone operations. From the emails, texts and call logs, I found out she has been seeing a new neighbor on our street. The neighbor moved in some months ago and he is very wealthy and works as a doctor and we were actually struggling financially at that point. The discovery was timely for me because they've been planning a divorce charge against me. But I foiled it with the evidence and eventually divorced her. The funniest part of the story is that the doctor also refused to accept her apparently he had an official girlfriend somewhere else. She lost on both sides! A good end for a cheat.


Struggling with everyday life challenges, couples pay less attention to the hard work required to build a happy married life. And so, it becomes important to bring back the lost spark in your life.

Here are a few quick tips to bring back that lost spark in your married life

1: Express your feelings: As soon as you start missing out on expressing your inner feelings to your spouse, the romance in your marriage dips down exponentially. A relationship is just like a baby that needs constant nurturing and care. Be expressive about things that you find attractive about your other half.
So hurry up, show them some love and express what you truly feel about them.

2. Make an effort to look attractive: There is no other way to rekindle your lost romance than looking your best for your partner. Make a mental note of things that your partner finds attractive about you and you will have a handy blueprint of things you need to work on to look your best and woo your partner.

3. Surprise her:And there is no doubt, we all love surprises, especially when it’s by your loved one. If you really haven’t done this before, do it now!

4. Plan for a romantic date:Don’t opt for an expensive gift, rather surprise her with small, thoughtful gestures that really matters to her. Take her on a date, make her feel special once again. You see, you just have to make that one move and romance will resurface.

5. Touch them more often:Before you get on to this, you really need to recall that first moment you experienced butterflies in your stomach when your love interest demonstrated their love for you with an intimate touch.

Now focus on bringing that spark back and reinventing your marriage.

Demonstrate your love anytime, be it in the kitchen with that kiss you exchange before he leaves for work or an affectionate hug just before his day starts. You can choose to do it with seduction and affection and soon there will be no room for disappointment.

6. Communicate:Well without this, a healthy relationship cannot be built.

Communication is the backbone of a happy relationship. Words are more powerful, especially for a healthy marriage communication.

Establish some ground rules for healthy marriage communication. Make sure you and your spouse do not resort to blame-game, name-calling, sarcasm, taunts and scorekeeping in your relationship. Make way for an open, honest and free-flowing conversation devoid of any resentments.

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