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My SO can't finish inside me

My fiance and I just started being intimate a month ago.
We have only had intercouse half a dozen times but he hasn't been able to ejaculate inside me without masturbating for several minutes until he is about to climax.
I'm trying to make sure he knows I'm not pressuring him to finish without masturbating but I think he's starting to get frustrated with himself.
Is this normal and we just need time and more experience to get the hang of things? We were both virgins before each other so this is definitely unknown territory.
What can I do to help him?

2 Answers

Dedra110 Answered:

There are many issues with people not being able to orgasm under pressure. Since he was previously a virgin, masturbating may be what he is used to, and he may associate masturbation with orgasming. My husband and I have had sex over hundreds of times and 9 times out of 10 he finished by masturbation, because I prefer that he not finish inside of me. He doesn’t have any problem with pulling out, it’s just simply easier to finish inside so that’s why men prefer it. Trust me though his frustration is going to only make it worse, for me I’ve realized relaxation is the way to make sure you orgasm. Make sure you’re both relaxed and maybe to make him feel better you can turn it sexy. You can say something like how you’d like him to come on you, or where you’d like him to come and act like you’re really enjoying it and excited for him to come. Maybe just try to distract him from consciously thinking about him finishing.

Xena69 Answered:

Maybe take care of him sexually first. There are books, internet for different positions to spice it up in the bedroom.

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