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Man not wanting sex anymore..

My husband has no desire for bedroom activity at all.
Has anyone else been through this and found a way to ignite some sparks again without feeling completely rejected.
We have tried relate and it's just having no impact at all.

2 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

All men want sex 24/7. Find out why he is rejecting you. This is a huge red flag. Married couples on the average have sex twice a week and unmarried three times a week. It maybe as simple as a medical problem like hormonal imbalance. You need to solve this mystery soon or suffer the consequences. 

Roeshell Answered:


It's natural. It happens.

Don't worry much.

Develop your emotional intimacy first.

Physical Intimacy is the connection of the body. Emotional intimacy is the connection of the soul. If you’re with your soulmate, chances are that you are emotionally intimate with them on a consistent basis.

When you share your emotions and sentiments with your partner, that's when you develop an emotional attachment between each other. This also helps in developing more trust and loyalty between a couple. Such shared emotions gradually lead to developing physical intimacy in a relationship.
"Make your way to sex through emotions"

Also, it requires efforts from both sides to rekindle the lost desire between a couple. One should keep considering healthy and creative ways to keep the activity going in bed. Look for interesting sex positions, read about different types of sex and then try applying it in your sexual life. This way bring some spark in your sex-life. 

Hope things work out soon between you both.

Good Luck!

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