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Sex in marriage

We had a good sex life for about 8 months and then as a couple we have just been stormed with family issues, finances, big business overhauls, and just so much emotional stress.
The issues in the family have nearly ended it a few times and we took the decision to go to counseling which has helped him hear what I'm saying instead of just switching off and me not just keep going on about his daughter verbally abusing and kicking me out of our home because she'd had a drink and him not saying anything.
We have got to a point where we have sex every 3 months now and this is massively forced.
He has no interest in me at all but yet I have seen he's been online looking at porn and women in underwear but yet insists he has no sexual desire at all which I feel is just me.
Is anyone in the same position or any advice on how to get things back as the gap of sex has gone from a week to 4 weeks, to a couple of months to now 3 months which will creep into 6 soon?

1 Answers

Dedra110 Answered:

I’ve recently had an issue kinda similar to this in my marriage. My husband told me it was because the girls online were a “different attractive”, and it was impersonal instead of person. The way he explained it was, when you look at your wife naked, it’s like “your wife” so in a way it’s less exciting. Men take advantage of the fact that they can see us naked or have us whenever they want, we will always be here. I think the best thing for you to do, is feel sexy yourself, you need to have that feeling of sexiness before you try to regain your sexlife. So start moisturizing your legs more after you shave, do your hair a new way, buy some langerie that makes YOU feel sexy. Once he sees you enjoying yourself and sees you feeling sexy again your sex life will greatly improve.

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