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How do I raise my younger siblings?

A very tragic loss happened in our family.
My mom and dad died in a car accident a week ago.
They were headed to a foreign city when a cargo truck hit their car so badly.
It was excruciating seeing your parents in their coffins and being buried.
Now, all that’s left are their memories, but I know I need to be strong for my siblings.
I still have two younger siblings and I should be the one taking care of them, rather than my relatives.
How do I do it though? I’m still on the process of moving on, but I know they’re also in pain right now.
I’m only 24 years old and I think I’m still incapable of taking on the responsibility of being their guardian.
Please help!  

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


Please accept my deepest condolences for this loss.

So sad to know about them but still glad to know that a just 24years old knows his responsibilities well. 

You are such a brave teenager. Your confidence shows that you have the due quality to provide a better future for your family (siblings)

In this emotional state, it is very natural for you and your family to feel heartbroken. And it's your responsibility to comfort your siblings during this rough phase. Also, make them realise that their patience and faith in each other is all that is required to heal from this sudden loss.

Coming up with the loss of a loved one brings up with every emotion. So, allow that emotion to come out. Seek your relatives help as this support will help you to move on with the grief.    Remember, the early you move on, the better you can take care of your family. 

Also, be willing to give whatever your family needs. 

Keep faith in God, things will fall into the place.

This phase will end soon.

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