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I think my marriage is over. How should I break the news?

My wife and I have been married for eight years now.
We accidentally met at the mall and fell in love with each other.
Soon after, I went to study abroad and, we then decided to get into a long-distance relationship.
And 3 years later, we decided to live together.
A month later, she broke the news that she’s pregnant and I was utterly shocked as I wasn’t ready.
But for our baby’s sake, we moved in together.
It’s been eight years now, and I now feel that we are not compatible enough.
I am planning for divorce but don’t know how to break this news to her as she’s going to feel very bad.
I am also worried about the impact of the broken marriage on our child.

2 Answers

Xena69 Answered:

8 years with a broken marriage that needs to be fixed. Do you Love her? Honestly with each other in a relationship is so imporant. Dont stsy if you dont love her. A baby does not need a father who dont want a relationship with your wife. Its not fair to the baby. No protection will give you a baby. ??? You should sit her down and tell her how you feel. You will feel so much better. But that is not all is going on. Its not right to be not happy in a relationship. Dont know how old you are. You have so much to learn about a relationship.

Carol-Royce Answered:


You must act with discretion and not out of impulse. Make a wise judgment call, weighing the pros and cons of ending the marriage with your partner of 8 years and its effect on your child’s overall well being and future.

If an open-ended dialogue with your wife hasn’t already helped you both to fix the dent in your relationship, seek outside help. An expert, unbiased mediator in form of a marriage counselor is your best bet at resolving marital conflict.

A marriage therapist can put the conflicting issues in your marriage, in the right perspective for both of you. In all likelihood, what now seems like irreconcilable differences could well be flipped around into a ground for some work that helps build a better compatibility and salvages this relationship.

If at all, the marriage is heading to a separation, a marriage counselor can help mitigate the pain of the loss and equip you with the right coping strategies to navigate through a broken marriage and manage the collateral damage it bears on your child.

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