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I hate my in-laws!

Yes, I have finally admitted it to him and the entire world! I HATE MY IN-LAWS! It feels like I’ve married into a family of devilish people.
They target each other with hateful and vengeful tactics.
I have never met a family so evil in my life.
The straw that broke the camel’s back was at the last family event; his mother was celebrating her 62nd birthday and decided to have a huge gathering of friends and family.
She went out of her way to rent a hall and have the food catered from the most expensive catering establishment in town.
She invited over 100 people.
The event started off nice but within an hour she began blasting everyone’s personal issues out during a speech she made to the guest.
Mentioning issues her children have endured in the families, how her children should financially support her more often, and how her children’s spouses make little effort to get to know her; compared to her friends.
This woman has six kids, all married with families.
We were all embarrassed but mostly hurt by her blunt comments.
On the way home that evening, I really gave it to my husband about his mother’s mouth.
Yes, I felt bad about it the next day.
Though I have protested to never attend any of her family events again and the children were not allowed to attend either.
I’m starting to wonder if I made a mistake with my husband.
Feeling guilty!

3 Answers

Peter_dias Answered:

So, you gave it to your husband and what? Did he comfort his mother? There is no way in the world I would allow my parents to disrespect my partner nor has he allowed his family to disrespect me. It’s noble of you to have tolerated it for so long but if someone doesn’t confront her soon. It will never end. Your husband needs to step up to the plate.

Raoul54 Answered:

Stand up for yourself! I hear you what you said about giving it to your husband, though I really think you need to have a chat with his mother. It needs to stop, right now.

Ryan_dcruz Answered:

It is one thing to feel disrespected and continue to allow it to happen. It’s another thing to stand up for what you believe. I disliked my in-laws for years and still to this day am speculate about being around them. Although, I never regretted the day I told his mother what an ignorant woman she was and how she never really got to know me, before judging me. The woman barely talks to me anymore but she hasn’t disrespected me in years.

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