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My son got his girlfriend pregnant at the age of 17.

I know that my son has been dating his girlfriend for three years now and that doesn’t impose a problem to me and our family.
In fact, we approve of the girl.
She’s actually really sweet and I can see how much she loves my son and how much my son has changed since she came into his life.
He does not go out and party like he used to before and he has his grades improved.
However, he has been acting strange lately and I have had a foreign feeling that something is wrong.
My suspicion got even stronger when he asked to talk with the family one night while having dinner with his girlfriend.
Right then, I knew something was up and I was hoping that I am wrong.
When dinner was done, he announced that his girlfriend is already a month pregnant.
My wife almost fainted.
We both don’t know what to do in this situation.
They’re still kids and they still have to go to school.
I don’t know how they can pull this off when in fact, the girl is only 17 years old.

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

you should have joint family meeting with her parents. hopefully they will not press the fact your son is guilty of statutory rape if age of consent is higher than his girlfriend age. the options are abortion, either family housing and supporting them till they finish school or one of them quiting school and getting a job to support their new family. also need to discuss whether a shot gun wedding is appropriate. they both should be medically examined for possible diseases. were they unaware of safe sex protection? why wasn't she on pill and him using a condom?


Replied on Oct 08, 2018

My wife and I are already planning to meet the girl's family so we can thoroughly talk about this.
Also, my wife wants our son to continue studying so that his soon child will have a better life.
We still have to consider the opinions of the girl's family.
And about the safe sex, I don't have any idea but maybe they don't, otherwise, this won't happen.

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