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I just lost my husband before our baby comes out.

Nothing was very heartbreaking for a pregnant woman like me than receiving a call from a nurse informing me that my husband just had a car accident and was barely breathing.
Just before I get inside my dad’s car, I heard my mom sobbing at the shotgun seat.
I was afraid to ask her what’s wrong.
She just turned to me while shaking her head no.
I knew what she meant but my heart and mind wouldn’t want to absorb it.
My dear husband just died and he won’t be able to see our baby come out.
It was really really painful.
He was a noble man, but why him? He loved everything in me.
He showed to me that loving me is certainly one of his missions in this world.
He was the man I always dreamed to be with until I grow older.
Sadly, it won’t happen anymore.
And that is something I can’t seem to accept.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hi, It's very painful to know. I can understand the grief you are suffering from right now. This is very uncertain to happen and you have to, have to come out of this pain as soon possible. If not for your own self but for your newborn baby. Being a new mommy now, I request you to please look after the baby with due attention and love. I know the death of your husband is no less than a severe shock for you but this is something one cannot control. It's a God's call and we as their devotees really have no control over it rather accepting the fact. Be strong, you are a mother to your child now. That child is your responsibility like every mother. You must divert your attention and provide him/her whatever is needed. Be brave to move on with this sudden news, the one who was destined to go has gone now and there is no point to keep sticking to old roots. Sooner or later you have to come out of it. So, start moving on right from now. I understand it will take time, perhaps a lot of time but you need to be strong throughout to prove to be the best mother to your child. Have faith in God, things will fall in place soon. Never lose hope. You just need to know this fact that he is there with you, supporting you always!!


Replied on Oct 08, 2018

Hi @Roeshell, thank you for the wonderful words! You're right.
It will never be easy.
At first I was thinking how should I suppose to live without him.
His death is breaking me into pieces and I don't know when will I ever forget the pain.
Most likely, it will forever be with me.
Despite everything, I know I have to be strong for my baby.
I know my husband won't like it if I continue to mourn.
I know he wants me to be strong.
And I know he will always be with me and our baby.
Thanks for your word! :)

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