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Is hiring a top foreign dating coach a good idea?

I’m wondering, is hiring a top foreign dating coach a good idea? I personally don’t need one, but I think my uncle does.
Ever since my aunt died several years ago, he hasn’t gone back into dating and remains single up to this day.
While I love my aunt dearly, I think it’s about time that my uncle moves on and begins to find love again.
Since he’s well above his forties and hasn’t been on dates for a long while now, I feel like hiring a coach will help him get past any issues or bumps along the road.
What do you guys think? For folks who have experienced hiring a dating coach before, what was the experience like?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey! I hope everything is fine at your end. I think looking out for a coach is a good idea but only if your uncle is comfortable with it. As mentioned above that after the demise of his wife, your uncle has not really looked out for dating. I believe he must have moved on by now and thus giving a shot to dating is not a bad option. I suggest you speak with him first and know what type of people interests him the most, try to know his likes and dislikes and then consult with the concerned coach. Also, in such case, be aware of the fact that who your uncle would be dating. Be alert about it always. This will help you deal with any uncertainty possible to arrive in your uncle's life. If in future, he would agree to the dating idea, do not lose your communication with him. Stay aware of how is he using the dating idea so that he won't land into any trouble because of it. I hope he as well as you have a good time ahead!

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