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My son has been bullied in school. What to do?

My son has been bullied in his school and it was long before I knew.
I talked to his teacher and she assured me it won’t happen again but it did.
The next time it happened, I already talked to the principal.
He suspended the students who bullied my son but the bullying continued when the students get back to school.
My son didn’t want to go to school anymore because of the trauma.
Due to that, I transferred him to a foreign and costly school which I believe won’t tolerate bullying.
I don’t mind paying a large amount of money, as long as my son will feel comfortable.
However, the problem now is that, my son won’t like going to school anymore no matter how hard I convince him.
What should I do?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hi, Relax! I hope you both are fine. Good to know that for the sake of your child and his studies you made an appropriate move to switch to another school. And a little surprised to know that your child is now not willing to go that school as well. I think something would be bothering him. Being a father and evidently a caring father, I think you should communicate with him to know what exactly is distracting him. Generally, it takes some time to settle in a new environment. Especially schools, when you suddenly have to involve yourself in just new and different surroundings. It takes time and it will take time for your son too to deal with it. But this is something kids at such age don't know and thus feel bad, unfocused and unwilling to approach school regularly. Here, you need to play the role of a supporter and guide him about how he should tackle this situation. I suggest you approach for a healthy discussion with him and try to know his side of the story. Or, you can opt for a surprise visit to his school and interact with his teacher to understand his behavior in school. This will help you compare your child's attitude at home and at school. This was you can understand that whether its school or something lacking on your end is bothering him. If this doesn't work, you can also consult a counselor who could guide him well and can provide a suitable solution to this problem. I hope everything will fall into place.

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