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Emotional Affair

My wife flirted with a guy via text.
I don't know what was said.
She deleted all the texts but said it was just "your sexy" talk.
I asked her to stop being 'friends' with him.
She said ok but then kept sneaking around communicating with him on and off for almost a year now.
She says she likes for my son to play with his kids.
He's never been married.
Twins out of wedlock.
I don't like him.
I told him to stay away from my family.
He didn't respond.
He's not a good guy in my opinion but my wife says he is.
She is now asking me to just accept the friendship after all this.
I feel humiliated.
I know that if I say I'm ok with it, I'm lying.
But if I refuse she'll call me controlling.
What do I do

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, I hope everything is fine with you. Yes, this situation is a bit complicated and uncomfortable to accept. But above of it what should be done to control it is to communicate with your wife. See, of course, no husband would like to accept a situation where his wife spends most of her time with someone else other than her family. And this is not something which cannot be sorted out. It is natural to happen and happens with many. But if you believe that your wife would understand if you communicate with her peacefully and make her realize how much it affects you, then, a mutual solution could be framed out of it. First, try to communicate with her peacefully and if that doesn't work, you can approach a marriage counselor. Here, with having a good level of personal interaction, you can detail the counselor about things you find uncomfortable about your wife. Take care! I hope things will fall into place soon.

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