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I am Married to my best friend for 30yrs. Love him but no longer IN LOVE with him.....

How do I tell him this? Our kids are grown and moved out.
He forgave me after an indiscretion with my boss recently and has become extremely controlling which does not make matters any better.
I do LOVE HIM and I know if I leave him he will NEVER Speak to me again.
I hate to lose him that way as we've shared so much together.
 I am so unsure how to proceed as I don't want to hurt him.
But I am not truly happy in my life.

1 Answers

Kwaps2017 Answered:

I think you have to be honest? Are you definately sure you don;t love him. You obviously still have a sexual and intimate interest from the indiscretion have you tried reignighting taht with your hubbie? Sometimes things just flat line and need a boost maybe you just need to find a spark again and if that doesn't work perhaps you need to be honest. I aleways thngs it's much better to be honest and both ahve some enjoyment in your life than be living in a situation you're both unhappy in. He can't be happy after what's happened and he can't be happy feeling controlling. I'd rather not speeak to someone if it came to that and still ahve some level of respect and happiness in my life than live a lie.

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