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Thinking of doing online dating. Should I go for it?

I’ve been single for more than a year when I moved to Lima, Peru.
I decided that I would start dating again but so far, I haven’t had much luck with Lima women.
One of my coworkers told me to give online dating a chance, to make things easier on my end.
Should I go for it? Or is this a bad idea?

6 Answers

Seb345 Answered:

Of course you should. There is nothing strange about it these days. Everyone does it and it’s fun. Sure you have to be careful and not post all of your personal info online (keeps a little mystery going) but I mean this is such a hot topic these days that you can find app or website that will cater to your specific needs. So you should totally do it. 

Shokoman Answered:

Of course it should, this is a great chance! Now there are a lot of different dating sites for every taste. I really like Hookupmasters and Tinder is also very popular right now. Really a lot of options, you need only your desire.

Katherina Answered:

Yes, go give it a try. Love can be found in chances. If you can't find a potential partner then you can meet a friend which would lead to that person. It's about going with the flow.

Taison7 Answered:

It's not a bad idea. First of all, you will have a good time while communicating on online dating sites. They are always looking for interesting people to chat with. 
Second, the biggest advantage comparing to offline dating is the possibility to leave with no reason at any second you want 
Third, you don't need to spend something except your time and attention. But, if you want to take full bright out of online dating, it would be better to get a membership.

Olivia88 Answered:

Of course, you should go for it, you will not regret. It is the best idea in your situation. You will save a lot of time and at the same time, you could meet more women there than in real. First, you should search for the right dating site for you, create a good profile and then start your search. The advantage of online dating is that you first communicate with the person through messages, then if you both show interest can arrange a date. If not, you just continue to search for another person. Online dating is the most popular way to meet a partner in the last years and if you are patient and persistent enough, for sure you will get success. I wish you good luck.

Kwaps2017 Answered:

Absolutely... Just be weary there are quite a few cheats on there such as married already etc so perosnally ensure you set your stall out on your profile for what you want as in you're wanting a relationship, no one offs etc etc and then there can be no confusion with the interested parties that conatct you. But 100% give it a go... We are all so busy these days where do you actually get chance to meet people.

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