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cheating wife

My husband postponed filing for divorce, after I asked him to postpone it.
Now he says he wants to know what is it that I will do.
His words are if I come up with concrete and compelling actions to take going forward he might reconsider.
I have stopped talking to the guy I cheated with, I told him if the guy contacts me I will tell him.
he said it's not enough.
He doesn't want to go to therapy.
I will apologies to both our parents and he says it's not enough.
I promised not to go to gym anymore, which is where I met this guy.
he says it's not enough.
Told him I will stop lying to him, he says he doesn't trust me.
I am in a bind, please help me with what I can do to convince my husband other wise.
This is my 3rd time cheating.
Please don't judge me I need help.
Please help me with ideas? What actions can I take to convince my husband not to go through with divorce?

1 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

After caught three times it would be difficult for anyone to trust you. Most people cheat for the thrill of deceiving their mainstream husband or boyfriend not for the sexual or financial benefits and is addictive and habitual as in your case. Are you sure you can quit without professional support (highly unlikely). Over and above what you promised the only way to thing you can commit to is not leaving home without him and promise to answer his video calls immediately so he can see you are home. of course this does not avoid you having affair partners waiting in another room. The only people i know that were rehabilitated beyond one mistake required professional therapy.    Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship and you have destroyed that with three affairs. You need him to beg forgiveness and tell him therapy is the only possible solution for someone like you with three strikes against you. 

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