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Please help

Hi, I need to bounce this off of someone.
I am remarried and my daughter is in her last year of high school.
My new husband and daughter do not get along at all so she was living with my ex for most of the time, but I would go see her vs.
she coming to my house, because the stress of my daughter and new husband together was too much.
My new husband has lived in NJ with me for 7 years and he originally came from PA.
I did not force him to move to NJ nor leave his family (ie mom and sisters).
He was getting divorced and moved from PA to NJ.
Yet he keeps throwing this in my face that he gave up everything for me.
His children are in their 30's with spouses and children of their own.
I have two children and one is only 17 yrs old.
My husband and I said we wanted to move out of NJ due to the high taxes at some point in our lives.
My ex-husband now has Pancreatic Cancer and I do not know how much longer he has.
My new husband lost his job (but he really wanted to retire) and now is wanting to start a business.
I am working and supporting us.
My new husband now says we have to move to another state Delaware because he has to start this business that he has taken a class on.
Our lease is not up until February, but he wants to go now and pay two rents and eventually wants me to leave my 17 year old (or he says she can come).
My 17 yr.
old wants to go to a county college by where she lives now.
My HEART is breaking because my ex is dying and I will be the only one my daughter has and I cannot bare to leave her and I know she will not live with my husband.
He has been abusive also, and that is why she does not like him.
What would you do?

1 Answers

Dingles70 Answered:

I would not go but that is me. My children would absolutely take priority. I couldn't be with someone that my children were not comfortable around. But you need to make the choice for you. You cannot blame him or your daughter for the choice you make. For me, it would be staying close to my children. He sounds like he may be happy being disengaged with his children. You'll know deep down what is good for you. P.s all credit to your daughter for her choices. If he has been abusive amd she is unhappy around him. She is a smart girl staying away

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