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Should I get over wife sending nudes?

Wife and I have been married 2.
5 years.
I’m a reservist and left for 6 months.
When I came back her ex from years ago sent me messages showing they were talking back and forth with “I love yous”.
She quit messaging him once I came home.
She felt terrible and I got over it.
 That was a year ago.
I’m not a jealous guy but she bartends and constantly has guys that are regulars hitting her up in messages that she might flirt back.
She hasn’t really cheated.
She isn’t making a whole lot and I pay mostly everything.
The other day I’m on computer and she logged into a dating sight.
Curious I did some snooping and found she was asking guys for money in exchange for nudes.
I flipped out we argued.
She denied everything till I shoved the evidence in her face.
We are tight on bills.
When I do my reservist stuff I miss work that pays way more than the military.
She feels bad she doesn’t make enough to help out.
week later all is forgiven for the most part and she is trying really hard to makeup.
We are still having financial issues.
Last night after she fell asleep I figured she lost all privacy at this point.
I was never a guy to go through my wife’s phone but I guess now I am.
Found she still sent nudes this morning while I was at work and got $200.
So I brought it up and she denied it the whole time to the point I started laughing how obvious  it was on her phoneThat’s where I am now.
Barley spoke to her all day.
Of course she’s been crying nonstop and messaging me how sorry she is and just wants to help pay bills.
Am I being a pushover if I forgive her again? She knew how pissed I was a week ago and still did it.
I definitely love her but feel like she’s only sorry cause she got caught.

2 Answers

bunnyhabit Answered:

i would just address the liar issue sternly with her. Tell her the next time you catch her lies you will divorce her without any sympathy or another chance. She may need professional assistance to break this unacceptable habit. 

Dingles70 Answered:

It's the lying that's the problem. Can you trust her? Can you be with someone you can't trust? Ask yourself.

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