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Separate lives

My husband and I both come from divorces.
He recently just purchased “us” a home to live in but he and my in laws made me sign a quit claim on it meaning I have no marrital rights to it.
It’s only his name on the title.
He sold my paid off car, kept the money and gave me his car that he was making payments on so he could go buy himself a new car.
I hate debt so I paid it off and now he is saying he “gave” me a car (far from true).
He also gave me a fake diamond wedding ring.
I’m starting to feel like this whole thing is only to benefit him.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hi! Hope everything is fine and you act bravely in a situation like such! In a marriage like yours where both have their own respective past, things become a little difficult. Especially, when it comes to the involvement of in-laws, spouse try to keep their parent's opinion or suggest a priority. For this, there are only two ways to it, either you can directly speak with your in-laws about sharing your concerns for asking you to sign a quit claim. Or, another possible option to converse with regarding this is your husband. Try to make your husband aware of how this whole action has impacted you. Secondly, I would like to suggest you that- Take some time, have patience. It takes time to get settled in a new family where every person has their own sets of principles, mentality, and opinion. Also, in your case, as you mentioned above, both have their broken past relationship due to which TRUST element takes time to develop. Trust me, if you are able to develop that very loyal and cordial bond with your husband and his family, things will sooner or later fall in place. You just need to have some patience! Start developing that bond first with the one you know can easily be entertained or pleased in the family. Take Care!

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