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How do I tell my parents to stop deciding for me?

I’m already at the age where I’m mature enough and can be held accountable for any concern I have in life.
I have reliable work, which takes me to a foreign country of my choosing and enough salary that can support my needs 24/7.
Everything is almost fine, but I have a problem with my parents.
They keep on deciding for me.
They decide on what I should do with my life, including living abroad with them.
They’re already settled in a foreign country and want the whole family to live with them.
You see, my life is here and I just can’t resign from the company that has trusted me for many years.
How do I tell my parents to stop this act? This is not getting any better and I’m getting really frustrated!

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey! Relax! Take a chill! The only reason that they think about you and your well-being is that they are your parents. They care for you and always wish for your better and healthy future. It's their duty and their due responsibility to support you. But, yes, I do understand the fact that when a child is mature enough to take good care of himself, simultaneously, following the lucky dream job, it becomes hard to make parents realise about their kid's personal expectations with life. As you mentioned, they live abroad, that's completely fine. But just for once assume and think... How about if you arrange a trip to the country your family lives in? How about visiting them and discussing this issue together? How about you personally go and spend some quality time and in the meantime explaining your life to them, the work you do and how much satisfied you feel in that space. Parents tend to overthink about their kids, this is not their fault. This concern towards their kids arises naturally. And, until you peacefully discuss it with them, things won't change. And if you keep ignoring them on this, things will turn worse and therefore your parents would be more worried about you and your future. Do this activity, certainly, you will going to feel better. It's just like a long distance relationship. No matter how much you talk with your loved ones over a call but when you meet them in person, that's when you hit the satisfaction and therefore your love starts turning even stronger. You should do this and see how this will help you and your parents feel better. Think mindfully! Take Care! Stay positive!

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