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Does my wife not love me anymore?

We both work full time.
we Dont work weekends.
I love her and respect her we have 3 kids and I’m very hands on with everything.
I tell her how great she is all the time.
I have only one problem which is really getting bigger inside me and need help.
She is sexually cold, she does not desire sex, if i did not approach her, she wont take the first step or ask for sex no matter how long that might takes.
i kept not approaching her for three months, and she just did not care.
she won’t cuddle me or kiss.
Sometimes I just want a meaningful cuddle.
our youngest is 4 and we have sex probably 5 times since he was born but that’s only if I make effort.
Which I’ve given up on as I don’t want her to do something she doesn’t want to do.
I put them to bed every night story etc Wife does the dinner every night and I always clean up.
i maintain the house myself.
We have a lovely house and car.
But she wants to go away all the time.
Never satisfied in spending a weekend at home.
We still haven’t paid for previous two holidays so I’ve said we can’t book up for next year yet.
Both sets of parents aren’t interested in helping with the children.
She thinks I just hate holidays and resents me for it.
Which isn’t the case.
I’ve had to slow the spending down as Too much.
I’ve tried talking to her but she gets angry and says I don’t want to talk.
So I keep quiet 98% of the time.
Just try to make her life as easy as I can.
She told me recently that we’ve never been compatible.

2 Answers

Billy21 Answered:

Yes i think your right. I need to have a talk with her see what dhe wants out of our relationship. Women never seem to be satisfied. They always want more. She has more than any of her friends have. But she still not happy. I guess after 19 years we have rub our course and there is no excitement for her. Im cross with her because she doesnt talk to me. Ive had to probe her really hard lately to get anything out of her. Is she just being a coward afraid of hurting me?

LonelyDad Answered:

Hi Billy, You seem to be in a tough spot. My wife and I have been going through a rough patch for almost a year now. Sex has been steadily declining altough, similar to you, I provide her with a great home, freedoms and the like. I'm starting my journey to get to the bottom of our problems and all I can say is you need to decide what you want out of life / relationship. If you can't see yourself living with the women that she has become, you need to make her aware and either tackle the problem together or make plans to seperate. My wife maintains she loves me, but has zero sexual desire toward me. I've told her that we need to resolve it together or we will get divorced. Quite a sad state of affairs, especially as everything else in our lives is near perfect. 2 little kiddies, great jobs, health, but somewhere along the line, she has fallen out of lust for me. The next 6 months will either make or break our relationships and I'm telling you my story, to give you insights to my approach. I'm not waiting around for 4/5 years to face the enevitable. It's not going to help anyone.

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