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How do I surprise my girlfriend on her birthday?

My girlfriend is turning 23 next week.
Her family is throwing a big party for her and invited some of her closest friends.
They plan on surprising her and of course, I’m part of the act.
I haven’t bought anything for her yet, since I’m also busy planning for my own birthday surprise for her.
I have read a lot of suggestions in a foreign dating blog but nothing that was stated there really stood out for me.
I want it to be a special and memorable day for her.
How can I do this? Any ideas? Thanks!  

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey! Well, it's a very good news to hear. Before I start, I just hope you wish her from my side too! And, coming to that special gift which, as you framed, should stand out as the memorable day of her life ever! It's not really a struggle, you just need to retrospect and check what interests her the most. What one place she desires to visit at least once in her lifetime. And, primarily, recall what one thing she expects from you- It could be anything that she wants you to adapt or something she hates about you and wish you get rid of it. Do that :P She will appreciate it and this could turn out to be a surprise gift for her. Or, at the top comes, THE PERFECT SPEECH! Yes, express yourself, your opinion about her and how much you love or care for her. Via this, show her your innate love for her. Also here you can find some easy yet effective ways to surprise her with the unexpected! If she's a dog lover:

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