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Arranging a blind date for my widowed friend.

My friend has been widower for two years already.
I always tell him to date again, so that he will have someone who will help him take care of his kids since he’s also quite busy with his work.
He keeps on avoiding this suggestion so without his knowledge, I arranged a blind date for him.
I read a testimonial in an international dating blog about organizing such date, and so far it’s been successful for them.
Am I doing the right thing? I just want my friend to be happy.
I want him to fall in love again.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


I hope everything is fine!

Yes, In fact, you are doing a great job.

I believe, now is the time when he should completely move on and get into a new relationship.

As mentioned, he has kids as well, In a case like such, it becomes very important to have someone around to support him and take the best care of his kids too.

There is no harm in falling in love again but forcing to fall in love is something else which should not be there. 

It is every person's personal decision and if he's interested or comfortable to share his family with someone else, things can improve!

It's a good way to experience change and a new freshness of love!

If in future, he find the one, please make a healthy check on the person's background, profile. Also, plan for meeting that right one in person to know a little more about her and simultaneously detailing her about the kids as well.

Make sure, you take this activity very seriously because one wrong choice would impact the life of your friend as well as his kids too!

So be alert and wise.

Else, it's a great step to start a new life.

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