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My sister did not come home after a fight with my mom.

A week ago, my sister and my mom had a fight.
Mommy got fuming mad because Stacey’s teacher called her and informed that she’s been absent for two weeks now.
According to her, she’s been sending letters to us but I don’t know why we haven’t received anything.
Maybe Stacey had something to do with it.
 After the argument they had, my sister didn’t return home.
We were worried sick about her.
My mom already reported to the police about her being missing for days.
I even contacted families and friends who I knew she would run into but they didn’t have any idea too.
We didn’t know what to do anymore until a friend told me she saw my sister on a mall just yesterday with a group of young ladies and a foreign man.
I’ve been sending her messages too but she only said she’s not coming home anymore.
What should we do?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hi! Relax! Think positively... I understand it's a critical situation and would only be controlled with peace. It's a wrong sign that your sister is not ready to be back home. Also, knowing that she was seen spending good time with her friends while her mother and brother were wandering to paces in search of her. Her due responsibility should be at least to inform you once that she's fine. But then, I believe that fact is that she's your sister and a daughter to your mother. If she is unable to make a mature decision then it's your responsibility to bring her to the right track. Things could turn right if you make an effort to request her politely to come back home. If nothing else, a humble request is, I think will work well in your case. Sometimes frequent calls are the reason for distraction. So, don't do that, instead call her once a day and approach for a healthy conversation. Or, simply try to show your concern over a call and request her to meet you once so to ensure that she's fine and healthy. Good Luck! I hope things will fall into place soon!

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