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Should I just dump him?

I’m like, so totally pissed! I just found out he cheated on me again! My close friend and her cousin said that she saw him out at this local bar with a couple of Thai ladies in his booth.
She said they looked super close together and when I told him off about it, he didn’t even like try to deny it or anything! Seriously I’m so sick of his ways, Telling me “baby this is the last time, I’m gonna change, I promise” but keeps breaking them.
I’m sick of giving chances like it’s nothing/ Maybe it’s time to face the truth and admit that he isn’t ever gonna change for me.

2 Answers

Bank1250 Answered:

i've never cheated or even considered it. Some of my male friends cheat on a regular basis. They try not to , but can't stop. I've always believed that a guy is hard wired in is brain to cheat or not. My friends are really nice people and I believe them when they say that want to stop. They just can't , they're wired to cheat. They've also told me that the first time is the hardest then it gets easier and easier to do it again. That's why "this is the last time" is never really the last time. Once a cheater, always a cheater is what my opinon is based on my experience with my cheating friends. I've seen drug addicts get religion, kick their drugs and never to go back easier than a cheating man stop cheating. Sadly, I doubt this will be the last time and he's probably done it a lot more than you think.

Roeshell Answered:

Hi! Hope you are fine and calm. Relax! It happens! It's not just with you but happens with a many. But what defines you the best from rest is- TAKING A WISE DECISION. As mentioned above that he has already cheated on you before also, this is really not a thing to go unnoticed. And especially, when it's happening for the second time. Here comes the time for a real talk. Understanding his side of the story and accordingly coming up with a solution, could help you in this. But taking a blunt decision will certainly going to impact you both. So by confronting him and together taking a mutual decision could be an effective solution to this. Don't make a strict judgement by what others say, if you trust him, confront him and ask him to reveal about that scenario. And he, on the other side, will definitely tell you the truth. Make him realise that this is going to be the final chance and if he won't retain the loyalty in his relationship, you will then take the necessary step. Sometimes, when you make such a blunt but healthy statement, chances are people understand it vividly and make an effort to improve them. And so will he, I believe this. But at the end, it's up to you, what you feel should be at the priority. You are dealing with this situation and your opinion means a lot here not what your peer saw and say!! He is your boyfriend, your good friend, you know him well, so take a mature decision for yourself and for your future as well! Have faith, patience and trust in your relationship. Again! take the decision with thorough maturity.

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