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I'm afraid I can't make it to college.

My parents are facing a critical stage in their marriage right now.
They are going through the process of divorce because my dad cheated on my mom for a foreign woman he met on a business trip abroad.
I’m afraid I can’t go to college because of this.
My mom does not have a job and my dad refuses to send me to college since all he thinks is that I’m good-for-nothing.
I tried talking out and reasoning to him but he doesn’t seem to listen.
What should I do?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


I just hope you are fine and well.

And also hoping that you know the importance of education at this age of yours.

I understand that things are messed up at present, but that doesn't mean missing out on college is the only option.

I believe divorce is majorly depended on the decision of your parents that whether they want to stay together or part their ways. 
And thus on the responsibility part, both are equally responsible to raise you well.

It's a matter of concern if your father is denying to send you to college. You must sit with him, discuss it with him and try to make him realize how important your education is at such a tender age.

If a healthy discussion won't work, you can also seek the help of a counselor who can deeply discuss the matter with the involvement of your parents together. This will help you and your parents to arrive at a mutual decision and know their divided responsibilities.

Good Luck!


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