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I saw my brother's girlfriend cheating. What should I do?

Last night while I was busy strolling inside the mall, I saw a familiar figure sitting right beside a tall guy.
I was surprised when I realized that it was my brother’s girlfriend.
We’re close and I know she’ll be happy if I’ll tell her that my brother will come home soon after his trip to a foreign country.
I was about to approach and tell her the good news, but to my dismay I didn’t bother anymore.
Instead, I went home and thought about telling my brother that his girlfriend is cheating on her.
What I just witnessed in the mall last night was an act of betrayal and dishonesty.
The nerve was kissing that tall guy beside her and were so sweet together.
I can’t afford to have a sister-in-law like her.
How do I tell my brother about it? Should I wait ‘til he comes home?

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:


I hope all is well with you.

I can see the concern you have for your bother, finding that his girlfriend is cheating on him.

But, I believe, it would be great if you wait for a while until your brother reaches home.

Also, you should not directly accuse her (your brother's girlfriend) of cheating your brother unless you have a valid proof for it. Chances are that the stranger could be her friend who she accidentally met in the mall. And openly blaming her for sitting together with the (stranger) guy could affect the bond you two share in common.
So, by this I mean, there could be many ways she can possibly defend her.    The solution is that-   First, you should bring this in concern of your brother. At least you can hint your brother to keep a healthy check on her girlfriend.

Remember that, while discussing it with your brother, your tone of conversation matters a lot. Be polite and casual!

Share what you saw and what you feel about this incident. And let your brother make a wise decision for himself that whether he wants to directly disclose it to her or should follow a healthy check on her.

I request you to be polite and calm while communicating!!

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