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Is she cheating

My wife sent a gift to a male coworker that has a sexual message printed on it.
 She claims it was joke from something that came up in the office.
 She cheated wtih 3 other coworkers in the past but has always been friends with this guy "work brother"  I want to believe am I just being irrational, not letting go of the past?  Or would most other people think the same.

1 Answers

Roeshell Answered:

Hey, Relax! I can understand the thoughts you might be dealing with at present. I believe, keeping a healthy check on your wife would help you understand the situation better rather being dubious about this situation. As stated by your wife that it was a playful response to something that came up in the office. It could be true! But, yes, not an activity to go unacknowledged. If you think it has hurt you badly, you must discuss it with your wife. Let her know how badly this mere activity has impacted you and has become one of the reasons to bring negative thoughts in your head. Once you communicate it with her, chances are that she would understand how deeply this activity has distracted you. Don't let your thoughts stay in your head, share it and discuss it with her to reach a fair conclusion. Also, if you think, this won't work, you can directly seek the help of a counselor and get an effective advice. Also, this would help you to get an advice on how you can initiate a healthy conversation on this topic. Good Luck!

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